29: FeelsBadMan

28: ...To Spite Your Face

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Let my rollercoaster ride of a weekend on ladder be your guide to the most fun you can have with priest without putting Raza the Chained in your deck: Spiteful Summoner Dragon Priest!


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  • Anduin version: AAECAZ/HAgaRvALhvwKZyAKQ0wKc4gL86gIMCKgFjQjyDLq7AvC7AsrDAsrLAqbOAvvTAsvmAtfrAgA=
  • Lich King Version: AAECAZ/HAgaRvALhvwKZyALCzgKc4gL86gIMCKgFjQjyDLq7AvC7AsrDAsrLAqbOAvvTAsvmAtfrAgA=

26: The Legend Marathon

25: Talking Teching

Now that the initial Kobolds meta is starting to settle out, let’s look at the main decks you’ll be playing against and how you can tune what you’re playing to counter them. And while we’re at it, why not update Big Priest for the new meta?


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24: The Opposite of WarGames

23: Three Hours Dungeon Run!

22: Dusting off the Dust