My Shows

I do a weekly video game podcast called Isometric on Relay.FM with Brianna Wu, Maddy Myers, and Georgia Dow. Well, it’s mostly about video games. Sometimes it’s about hand turkeys and pandas and breaking furniture. But it’s always a ton of fun, and all three of my co-hosts are incredibly talented and intelligent women who have opinions worth listening to.

Several years ago, my wife Maureen and I did a podcast called the Wicked Good Podcast (which is where my Twitter name came from). We haven’t posted a new episode in a few years, but the archives are still up.

Guest Appearances

  • October, 2014: I was interviewed on Aleen Sims’ podcast, Less Than or Equal, where we talked about gaming inclusivity, raising geeky girls, and parenting autistic kids. We also talked about Lego Friends and Desert Golfing, because those things should always be discussed.
  • February, 2015: Jeff Mueller, Scott Williams, and Sam Davies invited me to be a guest on Front to Back, their podcast about geek dads parenting daughters, to talk about gaming and parenting. We talked both about how to fit your own gaming in once you have kids, as well as how to introduce kids to gaming and how to pick games that will make family game time fun and not frustrating.
  • February, 2015: I joined my friends Anna Tarkov and Jessica Dennis on Unconsoleable, where we ended up talking a lot about video game history: The crash of 1984, how we got to a point where paid apps are a rarity in the App Store, and why Nintendo’s near death experience caused me to become the worrywart I am today. I also apparently called myself old a lot, probably because I am.
  • March 2015: I joined Nigel Brooke and Allen Pike on their podcast, Up Up Down Down, to talk about the history of rhythm games and impressions of the upcomiing Rock Band 4.
  • May 2015: I was a guest on Unconsoleable again, along with Karyl Gilbertson, to discuss cloning in the App Store and if it's ever OK to let your young children play Grand Theft Auto.